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Mission Vision

We are dedicated to provide traveler service. We seek to exceed our guest´s expectation, providing high quality service, with a great infrastructure, trained and competent staff. We have a corporate culture focus on our customers and based on respect and support for our people and their culture, and the care of our resources and our environment. In this way we contribute to the economic and sustainable development of our community.

Exceptional and personalized service, exceeding expectations, and inspiring a connection to our brand in the experiences we provide

At its core, the Kalptaru Hotel holds the following values and beliefs:

  • Exceptional Service - We understand that the value can be created with every encounter and this is reflected in our superior standard of service.
  • Integrity - We are honest and straightforward in our interactions with our owners, guests, colleagues and the communities in which we operate.
  • Respect - We respect the objectives of our stakeholders, the values of our guests, and the cultural difference in the locations that we operate.
  • Teamwork and Passion - We bring our individual expertise, creativity and passion for our industry as a Kalptaru team member.  This sets us apart and is the essence of the Kalptaru Way.
  • Continuous Improvement - We are innovative and utilize best practices to continually improve our management techniques, and the quality of our products and services.